About Us

At first glance the homes pictured here may seem non-traditional. The craftsman style homes you see are particular to a neighborhood called Agritopia in Gilbert. We chose to highlight this because our home office is run from this neighborhood, a neighborhood unlike others you’ve seen because the architectural emphasis is not the normal cookie cutter style you see in the East Valley. Much like the homes in our neighborhood, Pivotal Real Estate strives to provide service that is not cookie cutter either. We understand people are different, so typically, is each real estate transaction. We can provide you with that other than cookie cutter service and you may find the change is good.

Our Featured Listings

Agritopia Real Estate

Pivotal Real Estate Solutions was born out of the desire to serve a specific portion of the East Valley, namely that area centered on the Gateway Corridor including Gilbert, Agritopia & San Tan Valley. As the valley continues to grow we believe this is an area that has the ability to absorb that growth not only residentially but also commercially.

Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes, Inc. is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate specialists and local business affiliates; committed to providing easy ways for the heroes of our nation to save on a home, and on every day home-related purchases.